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SmartGlide System


The SmartGlide System

Consisting of three core components, the TrioPines SmartGlide System is built to your custom requirements for seamless integration.

1. Wheels

Select from a wide range of customized wheel sizes and treads for General Purpose and Heavy Duty 1-ton plus load capacities.

2. Power Source

Our custom sealed battery packs are fit to your needs to balance the power demands of your equipment and longevity of the device.

3. Controls

From push-pull sensory handles to analog control boxes, you decide how the operation of the device can be controlled.

Improve the health, safety, and efficiency of your team members by adding push-assist motorized control to all your material handling equipment. The SmartGlideā„¢ System integrates with your current product model making heavy tasking loads effortless and easy.

Increased Mobility

SmartGlide powered
casters reduce the
need for manual labor and increases efficiency.

Improved Safety

Reduce the risk of injury by eliminating the need for manual pushing or pulling of heavy loads.

Enhanced Control

Precise movement and positioning of loads make navigating in tight spaces and avoiding obstacles easier.


Seamless Integration

The SmartGlide System is made to easily integrate into various products through custom top-plate or stem fastening caster configurations. Batteries are interchangeable to meet the needed power supply for your target application. Complete handles can be custom made, or modules may be supplied to fit your custom equipment.


Endless Possibilities

Since each SmartGlide System is custom built, our team of engineers will work with you to build the most efficient system to meet your unique requirements.

General Purpose

Medical Beds
Hospitality Carts
General Office

Heavy Duty

1-ton and above

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