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The Case For Locking Caster Wheels

Caster wheels are an important part of industrial environments. They are the means by which everything is moved from one place to the other, after all, so it?s good to make sure that you are using the best possible equipment. The way to do so is by getting the caster wheels that best apply to your line of work and that will properly address the demands of the job. In many cases, you will need locking caster wheels in order to do so for a variety of different reasons. There is a strong case to be made for caster wheels that lock.

Workplace Safety

In working environments, particularly those of the industrial type, it will always be important to properly lock down movable equipment and make sure it remains in place when it?s not necessary for it to be moving around. This is not just a matter of convenience. This is about safety. When you are using carts and dollies to move heavy equipment around, or when you are moving large wheeled items, locking them down when they are not being pushed is very important for workplace safety. It only takes a small mistake or a misunderstanding for the piece to be pushed or moved in a way that could potentially be hazardous. You are dealing with heavy, delicate pieces here, and you don?t want the lack of caster wheels that lock to result in an accident.

Locking Caster Wheels

Heavy Items You Move Often

Because workplaces are shifting environments, there will be heavy equipment that you have to move around semi-regularly. You obviously want to make moving these items around easier on yourself with the help of caster wheels. However, in the meantime, it will be very important to keep these heavy items in place locked and secured. That?s the great thing about caster wheels that lock: they allow you to move them around conveniently and to your liking, but if you need them to stay put for extended periods of time, they let you do that in a safe and effective way. If this is something you encounter often, consider implementing caster wheels that lock.

Ease While Loading and Off-Loading

In order to properly move stuff around in carts and dollies, you will need to first load the items onto the vehicle. Pretty straightforward stuff, right? Well, yes, but you need to remember that the cart in question should probably be held down while loading and unloading it. This is not only important because of the aforementioned matter of workplace safety. It just makes the whole task a lot easier and way more convenient for whoever is loading and unloading the carts. Everyone who has ever been tasked with this knows that if the cart or dolly is moving around upon being loaded, the job becomes harder. You can bypass these nuisances by implementing caster wheels that lock instead.

Locking Caster Wheels

While a lot of times, particularly smaller jobs, locking wheels will be superfluous and unnecessary, most of the time they will actually be quite useful and convenient. The good news? Icon Caster Wheels has every conceivable type of caster wheels for you to implement in your workplace, make your job easier, and make convenience a priority. For the best caster wheels that can lock and more, be sure to browse our website. You are bound to find what you need.

There?s a common misconception in our society that prefacing something with the word ?semi? is synonymous with ?less than.? That may be true in some cases, but it?s not true with our semi steel swivel small caster wheels. These casters are as tough and durable as several of the others that we offer. You?re not getting something that?s ?less than? steel, you?re getting something that's just as good as steel, with plenty of its own attributes to boot. At Icon Caster Wheels, you can find caster wheels of all different kinds.

Semi Steel: The Best of Steel?

?Semi steel? is one of those terms that there isn?t really a set definition of. Usually, it just means that molten cast iron has scrap steel added to it. The goal of this is to give the casters the best of both scrap steel as well as iron, only to do so at a lower cost. Many of our semi steel casters have steel?s sheer toughness as well as the hardness that you would expect from cast iron. Of course, instead of making you pay double for this, instead you?re paying much less. Like all of our other caster products, we?re committed to making sure you get them at the best cost possible. These casters are no exception.?

Semi Steel Swivel Small Caster Wheels

A Load Capacity You Can Count On?

There?s nothing small about the load capacity that our semi steel caster wheels can handle. In fact, it?s plenty large. At our site, you can find semi steel caster wheels that can handle 1200 lbs per caster. Now, imagine how much you could carry with four of them. That?s better than many of the plastic casters that we offer, even (in many cases) polyolefin. We know that for many of our customers, load capacity is one of the most important criteria. For many of you, these caster wheels are going to be strong enough. However, if you require more than that, we?ve got you covered there, as well. You can contact us and we?ll set you up with a caster wheel that can carry your load, essentially no matter what it might be.?

Semi Steel Swivel Small Caster Wheels for Rough Environments?

There are caster wheels that are perfect for office environments. Those are the environments where there are carpets, there?s a thermostat, the air conditioning comes on in the summer and the heat in the winter. This is a place where people can easily work, and the casters can, too. However, there are also other environments. These are the hard environments, where people have to get tough work done, and they have to take certain measures to? work within the environment. We have casters that can excel there, too. For example, our semi steel casters can handle a temperature range of five hundred degrees fahrenheit to negative forty fahrenheit. That covers quite a few workplaces. If you?re looking for the right casters for your job, we?ve got you covered. Simply give us a call (888) 490-2969 at and we?ll direct you to your appropriate caster.?

When moving stuff around, particularly heavy items and pieces of equipment, all industries and trades rely on the same simple piece of machinery: the wheel. Not just any wheel, obviously, specifically metal caster wheels that give you the freedom to conveniently move stuff around long distances and tight spaces. You might not really think about it, but you use caster wheels made of metal in your labor life more often than you think. Here are a few instances in which you can implement this technology into your workplace.

Furniture Dollies

Furniture dollies are, in their most basic form, a low platform that allows you to transport big heavy items, such as furniture obviously, without any heavy lifting involved. More elaborate ones even have a platform and back panel that makes loading and unloading the pieces a lot easier. Caster wheels made of metal are key elements of furniture dollies for they allow them to move around in a comfortable way that doesn?t require as much effort from you as lifting them otherwise would. If your line of work requires a lot of sizable weight to be moved around different surfaces, furniture dollies with strong caster wheels will be a vital part of the process.

metal caster wheels


Whether we are talking about a small family-owned bakery or a large industrial warehouse, carts will be necessary to move merchandise and equipment around. These carts allow you to move large amounts of items in a quick and comfortable way, reducing the trips and manpower needed to fulfill the task. In order to ensure the best performance possible on the part of your carts, you will need to equip them with the best caster wheels available. The wheels are the part of the cart that is doing most of the work, after all, so you will need to make sure that they are ready to take on the job no matter what. They need to be of a resilient, resistant material that is ready to handle all of the strain they will be subjected to. Good caster wheels made of metal are sure to help the overall productivity of your business.

Movable Work Stations

Offices and work environments don?t have to remain stagnant all the time. Being able to move stuff around is good to break with the monotony of corporate structures and allow for personalization and customization. That is why more and more companies and office workers are opting for moveable work stations that allow for things to be easily moved around and changed to people?s liking. Good caster wheels made of metal will give you this sort of freedom and make it easy to change things ups every now and then. Locking and swiveling options will even make sure that everything stays in place exactly where you want in.

Metal Caster Wheels

Look no further than Icon Caster Wheels if you need variety and versatility in your workplace transportation. We have the widest available array of caster wheels made of metal to suit your every need. Heavy items and long distances are no longer a problem now that you can rely on the extensive inventory of reliable Icon Caster Wheels products.

Rigid casters are great for a variety of different situations and uses. They offer great control over smaller carts intended for lighter loads. Sometimes, however, you might need a little more versatility in whatever you are moving around. It?s in such cases that you should consider opting for swivel caster wheels instead. There are many ways in which these can help your overall use of casters in loading, moving, and transporting items and fulfilling the specific needs of your industry.

Steering and Direction

The main advantage of caster wheels that swivel, as opposed to stagnant ones, is that they offer a wider range of direction and an easier means of steering. This is particularly useful if the casters will be used in a place with tight hallways or a general lack of open space. Caster wheels that swivel allow for large pieces to be carried without extra space needed for steering or pivoting the vehicle. The swivel allows you to merely push the piece in the desired direction in order to stir it efficiently, which makes it an ideal tool for tight corridors and constricted space.

swivel caster wheels

Locking and Positioning

Some casters will come with a lock mechanism, but this option can be inconvenient to apply to certain pieces of furniture. While some can easily be implemented with your foot or by reaching underneath with your hand, this can prove hard to do depending on the piece the casters are attached to or the item that you are trying to lock down in place. A good way to achieve the same effect in a simple yet effective way is through caster wheels that swivel. Not only do they allow for more mobility in and of itself, but they can also be each turned in a way that keeps the piece to stay in place out of the mere inability to keep it going.

Ease in Positioning

You may have noticed that properly positioning heavy items laying on caster wheels is pretty hard if these don?t allow for swiveling. Making four stiff wheels rotate and turn around is not exactly an easy task, especially if there are added pressure and weight put on them. If you are trying to do it on carpeted or soft surfaces it?s going to be even worse. The solution is to opt instead for caster wheels that let you move around, rotate, and position the cart or item, making the whole process of moving the casters around a lot easier overall.

Swivel Caster Wheels

Whether you will end up needing rigid or swivelling caster wheels will ultimately be up to the specific demands of your workplace and your trade. While sometimes versatility and ease of movement are key, other times you will most likely need sturdiness and stability. Regardless of what you are specifically looking for, Icon Caster Wheels has the right caster wheels for you. We have a varied array of both rigid and swivelling caster wheels in all sorts of materials and designs in order to best fit your line of work.

?Polyolefin? isn?t exactly the easiest word to say. It?s one of those words you might have to sound out just to pronounce it right. However, there?s nothing to sound out about how great Polyolefin caster wheels can be: they are some of the best plastic wheels we?ve got. These casters have advantages over several other kinds of casters, even those that are traditionally thought of as being sturdier and stronger than the rest. At Icon, you can find all kinds of casters for essentially any kind of application. For many, polyolefin will absolutely be the way to go.?

Polyolefin Caster Wheels that Last?

When you think of plastic casters, ?durability? probably isn?t the word that comes to mind. However, polyolefin casters are plenty durable for many applications. Sure, they might not be perfect for every application, but we can?t tell you how many times someone has called us and asked for casters for their business, only for us to find out that when we mentioned polyolefin, it was the first time they had heard the word. These casters are very resistant against solvents, acids, chemicals, grease and plenty of other oils. You don?t have to worry about those corroding, damaging or even slowing down these polyolefin casters.?

polyolefin caster wheels

Casters for Your Floor?

Moving items from one area to another easily is just one of the jobs that good casters have to do. For many, the casters have to protect the floors, as well. Many of our clients need casters for harsh environments where only hardy workers will tread. However, we also have plenty of clients who need casters for an office, retail setting, or somewhere else that will have foot traffic from plenty of customers, clients, investors, and others. These polyolefin casters are perfect for environments like that. They?re specifically non-marking, which means that they can keep from messing up your floors. Instead of having to scrub away streak marks (or worse) these casters can protect your floors, so that you can move heavy objects across your floors easily and guilt-free.?

Quiet Casters for Professional Work?

Imagine it: you?re closing the deal with a client at your place of business. It?s all going well, you can sense that you?re going to get to ?yes,? if you?re not just on the brink of it. Then, in the middle of your conversation, you both hear it: a loud, piercing ?squeak.? Does that ruin your sale? Maybe not. Do you want to take that chance? Definitely not. Polyolefin casters are very quiet. That means that you really don?t have to worry about them squeaking, squealing, or any other noise that instantly registers as ?bad? to the human ear. Working in peace and quiet is just one more benefit of these casters.?

Caster for Your Application?

We have casters for basically every kind of application you can imagine. Whether you?re moving something across your classroom, or moving something precious across your warehouse, we can help you every step of the way. To find the right casters for your work, call us at (888) 490-2969.?

When it comes to choosing the right casters, it will almost always come down (on some level) to the material of the wheels. Sure, other factors will come into play, particularly whether the casters swivel or not, but it will be the wheels themselves that come into contact with the floor surface, therefore impacting your work. Rubber caster wheels are a versatile tool that ensures that your furniture moves around easily and without damaging floor surfaces. These are a few of the industries that make good use of these caster wheels.

Food Industry

Caster wheels in the food industry will come into contact with all sorts of substances, and will, therefore, have to be prepared for each and every one of them. At the same time, they will have to be prepared to handle a wide variety of different surfaces, from linoleum to concrete. The best way to ensure that your casters are well-equipped to handle the considerable assortment of circumstances that the food industry can give way to is through high-quality caster wheels with rubber. Thermoplastic rubber is an ideal way to roll over unpredictable circumstances regardless of the surface they are on. If you want to make sure you are ready to handle such situations, caster wheels with rubber will be the way to go.

rubber caster wheels

Medical Industry

In the medical industry, you are working with very specific surfaces at highly demanding speeds involving a variety of unconventional substances. The medical industry is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Far from it. It is important that you properly decide what type of caster wheels you want in each specific type of equipment. Whether you are looking for a rigid caster with a polyolefin wheel or a swivel caster with a hard rubber wheel, casters are a vital part of the medical industry, and each selection will be important at the time of use. The iron casters and caster wheels with rubber of your choice will have to be the most durable options available in order to withstand the conditions they will be subjected to.

Office Furniture

There is office furniture that you will very rarely need to move, such as conference tables and reception desks. Then there?s the furniture that you need to be moving all the time, such as dollies, carts, and displays. And somewhere in between, you have the pieces that you don?t really move a lot, but sometimes you will definitely have to, such as workstations or filers. Regardless, you will want to be able to move office furniture around without damaging the floors or your own back. The way to do so is through good quality caster wheels with rubber that allow for your furniture to be moved around with ease when you need to as well as locked when you don?t.?

Get Your Rubber Caster Wheels?

Icon Caster Wheels has a reputation as the best online provider of caster wheels with rubber. Our system allows for the purchase of caster wheels of all sorts to be easy and convenient for our customers ranging from all sorts of industries. We take pride in our product and you should not doubt its quality. Look up your field on our website and find the right caster wheels for your workplace.

There are jobs that the regular caster wheel can?t do. Sure, your light duty caster wheels are absolutely perfect when they?re moving some parts of your furniture, or wheeling small items around your home. However, when you need something heavy moved, and then the only options are heavy-duty casters. These caster wheels can take the toughest jobs, the ones that would make other caster wheels crumble (literally). While heavy caster wheels wouldn?t be perfect for every job, they?re the only caster wheels for many jobs. You can find a wide range of these kinds of casters at our site.

Our Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

When we say ?heavy caster wheels,? we aren?t talking about carrying loads of say, one hundred pounds or something. When we say ?heavy caster wheels,? we mean ?heavy caster wheels? ? indeed, our line of heavy caster wheels starts at carrying up to 3,000 pounds. To put that in perspective, that?s a ton and a half of weight. Of course, that doesn?t mean that you have to carry a ton and a half of weight every time, but for any job up to that weight limit, these caster wheels can get the job done.

Heavy Duty Casters

What makes these caster wheels (and our other heavy ones) so capable of carrying such a heavy load is, in part, their large swivel and wheel bearing. Indeed, the swivel bearing on our ?Caster Model 30? (the lightest of our heaviest casters) is precision machined. That means that it can work when being moved by people or on mechanically-powered equipment. It swivels so well and so quickly that it can be swivel easily in any number of applications. Like so many of our other caster wheels, you won?t have to worry about this model for a long period of time. We?ve specifically designed them so that, when used properly, they can provide a long period of trouble-free performance.

The next highest level of caster on our heavy-duty list is the ?Caster Model 50.? This one can carry up to three tons, or 6,000 pounds. That incredible weight rests upon the top plate and thick legs, both of which are quite large. Just as with our other models, we?ve made it so that it swivels as easy as can be. The last thing you want, obviously, when moving several thousand pounds, is casters that are difficult to deal with. Reliability is key with casters, which is just one more reason why we?ve made ours so durable.

Model 100 is where our heaviest duty casters move into a higher level of performance. In ideal conditions, Caster Model 100 can move up to 15,000 pounds per caster. Obviously, you won?t always be in operating conditions that can be considered ideal.? That number is a maximum, not to be exceeded. However, many of our customers use these caster wheels when they have to move something that?s 7,000 pounds or certainly more than they can safely; efficiently move with the Caster Model 50. Even with that high amount of moving power, these casters also have the same precision swivel bearing, the same easier swiveling that you?ll find on the other models.

For the heaviest of the heavy, we recommend the Model 150 caster. These can handle a whopping ten tons per caster. That?s 20,000 pounds ? all, of course, under ideal operating conditions. To be able to handle that kind of weight, these casters have to be made in the heaviest duty fashion. That means that they have not a large top plate, but the largest top plate. Their legs aren?t just thick; they?re the thickest of anything that we offer. Even with all of that, they still swivel just as easily as the 30 Model and the others that can take on lesser loads. You can get these caster wheels with a swivel lock as well as a wheel brake if you?d like. It?s one more way that we can offer better service to our caster wheels customers.

What to Keep in Mind

It?s easy to get entranced by the incredible load capacity numbers of these caster wheels: three thousand pounds, ten thousand pounds, twenty thousand pounds ? and so forth. However, (and we cannot stress this enough) it?s not recommended that you buy caster wheels just on the basis of their load capacity. That goes for every kind of caster wheel, too: from the lightest-duty ones to the heaviest duty.

The truth is that we give you these load capacity numbers, always, with the caveat of ?in ideal operating conditions.? Well, if you?ve ever worked in any environment where thousands of pounds need to be moved from one place to another, then operating conditions are almost never ideal. Challenges can come up at any time, which can make the environment more difficult. So then, even the heaviest casters may not be able to handle the thousands of pounds like you had hoped.

Indeed, it?s also important to keep in mind that there really isn?t an accepted, universal standard for what load capacity ratings are. We can tell you what they are in ideal operating conditions, yes, but we can?t tell you with 100% certainty what they?ll be on your job. This is why we always recommend that customers (particularly newer ones) reach out to us about our products.? This is true whether the casters are being moved by folks or by machines.

Should they be moved by regular people, then we have clear advice: pick the biggest wheel diameter that?s practical for your business. Obviously, you don?t want to get something that?s overtly, comically large, but you also want to have something that can be easily moved by a person. Even the hardest working person, at peak strength, may struggle moving casters that have smaller wheel diameters. It?s a way of helping out your workers that helps your business, as well.

Should your casters be moved by machines, then that could reduce the capacity rating quite a bit. In fact, there are many factors that can lessen caster performance, almost all of which are mistakes made by people. Perhaps the most common kind of caster mistake is when the wheel is moved sideways. It happens often, many of us have done it, but we strongly recommend against it. It can weaken your caster wheels long ahead of their time.

We know that when you put loads on our caster wheels, particularly when they?re heavy loads lifted by people, it?s natural to just drop the load down. It can be a great relief: finally, after lots of hard work, the load can be dropped. However, this too is a mistake. Continually dropping heavy loads on our caster wheels can weaken or even break our strongest caster wheels. After all, they were designed to carry heavy loads across a distance; not deal with the full impact of the heavy loads dropped on top of that. That?s why, whenever possible, we recommend setting loads down on our casters evenly and as gently as possible.

Caster Wheels to get it done

For many of our heaviest caster wheels, we recommend moving them at no more than three miles per hour. That way, you can get the most performance out of these caster wheels while also making sure they?ll be able to do their best job on the next load, and the one after that, and so forth. Getting the best caster wheels for your company is often more complicated than just finding the heaviest ones online and then buying them. That?s why we?re always glad to sit down with potential customers and talk about what kind of jobs you?ll need caster wheels for. That way, you can always have the right caster wheels for your company. To set this up, give us a call at (888) 490-2969.

A lot of people don?t give casters a second thought when handling the purchase of new equipment. It?s not a one size fits all kind of deal, despite what a lot of people might think. Casters need to be carefully chosen according to the work and the environment they will be a part of. That is why you need to consider the needs that your industry and line of work have for casters when making your purchase. Whether you immediately think of them or not, quality iron caster wheels are most likely a vital part of your trade and should be taken into consideration with care.

Iron Caster Wheels in Food Service Industry

The needs of the food service industry, regardless of niche or the particulars of the business itself, will uniformly call for the need of casters. After all, the mere presence of large quantities of ingredients and finished products will inevitably call for transporting these from one place to the other. Whether you are a bakery where a large amounts of bread and pastries need to be taken from the oven to the front to be sold, or a high end restaurant with a dessert cart being moved around from table to table, you will need casters particularly chosen for the environment these will be in. The floor of a kitchen is very different from the floor of an upscale dining hall, so you will want smooth casters that work for their desired conditions.

Iron Caster Wheels

Medical Industry

Moving from one place to another within a hospital or medical center as quickly as possible is of the utmost importance. The casters used in medical settings need to flow smoothly all throughout all sorts of surfaces and encountering a variety of unforeseen substances. In short, casters in the medical industry need to be prepared for everything, including heavy and quick use. More than anything, even resistance, they need to be reliable. Poor quality casters in these cases can result in crucial accidents, and that just can?t happen. You need to ensure that you are only getting caster of the best possible quality.

Entertainment Industry

In the entertainment industry, it?s all about moving as much as possible in a quick and efficient way. Light kits, equipment carts, and dollies are in near-constant operation in sets, and their casters need to withstand the strain and weight they are being put through for extended periods of time. That?s not to mention the cables, tapes, and bumps they need to be able to go through without problems. They are, in many ways, what keep sets going and they need to be handled properly.

Purchasing Quality Iron Caster Wheels

Iron Caster Wheels manufactures the industry standard iron casters by excellence in the United States. As far as mobility management goes, we are the field experts, understanding the ins and outs of the industry thoroughly, and implementing what we know about quality iron casters and their possibilities into your line of work. This way we can deliver the durable results you are expecting for the best prices out there. Call us at (888) 490-2969 or browse through our website to make your order today!

Not all iron caster wheels are created equal, and it is vital to keep that in mind when it comes to selecting the appropriate ones for your needs. This is not a matter of purchasing just any cart or any casters without considering the work these will be doing, particularly when it comes to the weight they are meant to carry. The environment and material of the caters is obviously important as well, but it is vital that you are well aware of just how much weight these casters will be supporting. The way to do so is to come up with an approximate estimate of what you think will be the weight of the largest loads carried and determine the necessary duty of the iron casters you will be needing. Let?s go over the main categories in order to be sure you are choosing the right ones.

Light Duty Iron Caster Wheels

Light duty casters should be used for smaller equipment. These have an estimated load capacity of a hundred pounds per caster, which means that they can allow smaller carts to move around a significant amount of weight. These are great casters for smaller businesses, such as those in the food service, book selling, and clothing retailing industries, for they allow you to transport a reasonable amount of weight. Although these iron casters are definitely not for industrial purposes, they are perfect for smaller settings that deal with lighter loads.

iron caster wheels

Light-Medium Duty

When you are dealing with larger loads but still work far from an industrial setting, there is no real need for heavier duty casters. However, the light duty ones might not necessarily be enough for you. That?s when the light-medium duty casters come into play. These can support around two hundred pounds per caster, providing a heavier yet still manageable load capacity than that of the light duty casters. These are good to have around when you mostly deal with lighter loads but will occasionally have to move around somewhat heavier ones. They provide over twice the capacity of light duty casters, so you can be sure that you?ll be covered in such cases.

Medium-Heavy Duty

Medium-heavy duty casters are when we start to get in more of an industrial territory. These carry an estimated seven hundred pounds per caster, allowing for quite a lot of weight to be handled in a standard four-caster cart. While this isn?t the most capacity you?ll be able to find, it is a great way to allow for versatility in your line of work and being ready to handle stronger capacities than you would initially consider necessary.

Heavy Duty

At a thousand pounds per caster, heavy duty casters are used in industrial settings to provide as much support as the situation calls for. Rarely will you need to use stronger ones (in which case, extra heavy duty casters should be available), so these offer an unprecedented capacity

All Duty Casters Available

Icon Caster Wheels offers the widest variety of iron caster wheels you will find, always ensuring the best possible quality in every single one of our units. Regardless of the intended application of the casters and the weight they will be subjected to, we? have the right ones for you. Call us at (888) 490-2969 or browse through our website to make your order today!

Ask a professional ?what are the best caster wheels for any given circumstance,? and you?re liable to get hundreds of different answers, if not more. Everyone has their own preference, or opinion of what?s worked for them in the past. Not only do know what kind of caster wheels are most effective, but we?ve even highlighted the non-marking caster wheels in our descriptions and specs making it easier to find the perfect fit during the search process. Generally speaking, our Mirage and Soft Rubber Wheel Types are ideal for preserving the integrity of your floors.

The Particulars of Wooden Floors

Wooden floors might be more common now than ever before. It certainly seems like you can find wooden floors in more contexts than you might have in the recent past. With the growing implementation of wooden floors worldwide, the demand for material consciousness is even greater. ?They?re much easier to maintain and are aesthetically more appealing. Caster wheels that work well on wooden floors can come in quite handy, while making maneuverability less stressful in eliminating markings and streaking. Let?s face it, if you?re making the investment to put down quality wooden floors, soft rubber-non-marking gray casters are the way to go to protect your investment. That?s why it?s imperative to use the right caster for the right application. ?Conceding on quality and material makeup is not recommended when considering the proper attributes that caster wheels can offer for usage on wooden surfaces.

Dependability on Wooden Floors

Dependability is so crucial when looking for caster wheels that are going to work on wooden floors. A quality manufacturer will usually indicate the surface types of applications and when considering wooden floors will especially note the exact spec selection for wooden surfaces. The reason for that is simple: you can?t afford to make a mistake, not even a short distance. You may think that your caster wheels are right for wooden floors, but if they cause a smudge or mark, then that?s it. Now you?re in the red for resurfacing and buffing. ?You need caster wheels that can do the job right from the first roll. That?s why, often, when folks ask us for a kind of caster wheel that will work on wooden floors, we tell them to check out our Mirage and Soft Rubber wheels. What makes these wheels so great for wooden floors is their composition. They?re specifically designed so as to not cause markings or streaks. This means that you can use them on anything you need caster wheels on for greater mobility without the risk of marking or streaking. These caster wheels can accommodate different kinds of decor as well. ?What makes our products unique is the assortment of color configurations and function with respect to rigid, swivel and locking casters. So, you can find one that fits your company?s brand. You can also find caster wheels that fit the color scheme that you have in your home or office, too.

best caster wheels


Quiet, Easy, Reliable

That?s exactly what our rubber caster wheels are. Regardless of the location, we all want objects to be moved quietly, easily, and reliably. ?Whether you?re going around a fast corner, cables, bumps, or uneven surfaces you can be rest assured that our light duty Mirage and Soft Rubber caster wheels will have you there with a smooth roll while maintaining the surface in great shape. ?You don?t need to be heard approaching from a distance or be fearful that the wheels will fail you before getting to where you are going. These safety attributes are just some of the criteria more people are looking for in their casters especially when considering wooden floors.

For example, most rubber wheels are specifically qualified for light duty applications. That means that they can handle certain weight thresholds. You don?t want to exceed that. If you do, then you may compromise the capabilities of the wheel and expose the surface or object to unnecessary damages. ?Consequently, there are stronger forms of rubber caster wheels that we offer. One such option is to get caster wheels that use a rubber tread around a cast iron core. This gives you the strength and durability of iron, but without the possibility of the iron touching your wooden floors. Soft and gentle on the outside, strong and powerful on the inside. That?s what these particular caster wheels can offer for you.

Endless Customization

We aim to offer many different kinds of caster wheel options and configurations. That being said, you?re sure to find one that specifically fits your situation. That?s where Icon Caster Wheels comes into play. With so many different sizes of wheel diameter, colors, selections of bearings, treads and more, these caster wheels are sure to be the perfect fitment in specs and application. ?These caster wheels also work with an enormous range of temperatures as well. We know that many of our customers live or work in environments where the daily minimum and daily maximum are quite far apart from each other. That?s why these caster wheels were designed to be effective anywhere from 180 degrees to negative 45 degrees. So, when the weather doesn?t cooperate with your plans, these caster wheels will.

Best Caster Wheels on Any Surface

The aforementioned covered what kinds of caster wheels you might be looking for in regards to wooden floors. We know that not all of our customers have wooden floors. That?s why we have so many different designs of caster wheels available. You can choose from the wheels above, or you can go to our site and see our complete collection of caster wheels and accessories. If you have more questions about the right caster wheels for your situation, just call us at (888) 726-0074.

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Since 1971, we've been quietly manufacturing casters millions of people use everyday. Trio Pines continues to offer the best selection, value, and service nationwide from our distribution centers and sales offices around the country. We take pride in keeping you moving safely. Quality, value, and service are the three cornerstones at Trio Pines.
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