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Using Thermoplastic Caster and Wheels in Medical Fields

Our caster wheels are used in many high pressure situations. On the industrial floor, in the fast-paced office, in the classroom -- these are all environments where things have to be done right, and moreover, they have to be done right now. However, many of our casters are used in an environment with even higher pressure and stakes: the medical industry. In hospitals, private clinics, laboratories, doctors? offices, rehab facilities and more all across the country, you?ll find our Thermoplastic caster and wheels. One of the more popular choices for professionals in the medical industry are our thermoplastic wheels. There are several valid reasons why.?

Thermoplastic Caster and Wheels: Quiet and Durable?

?The best prescription is rest.? How many times have you heard that from a medical professional? That?s true whether you?re getting over a cold at home or in a hospital recovering from surgery. Obviously, it?s not the only treatment you?re receiving in a hospital, but rest is a major part of so many recoveries. For patients to be able to rest as easily as possible, there has to be as little noise as possible. Sure, in a medical facility, there are going to be other noises at all times, day or night. That said, you want to do everything you can to minimize that noise, to make your medical facility the kind of place where people feel safe and secure. Thermoplastic has one very special specification: it?s noise-reducing.?

Thermoplastic Caster and Wheels

Noise-Reducing Caster Wheels?

We can?t say that these wheels are ?silent,? but we can say that they?re ?noise-reducing.? While that?s the technical name for what these wheels are, we feel that it?s something of an understatement. In all likelihood, you won?t be able to hear these wheels as you push something on them. If you can hear them, in our experience, it?s because you?re trying to hear them. Now, if you can?t hear them, imagine what it?s like for someone laid up in a hospital bed, trying to recovery. They probably won?t hear anything whatsoever. You can?t technically give your patients or clients a good night?s sleep, but by getting products like these thermoplastic casters, you can help to contribute to a quiet, peaceful environment.?

Wheels Your Employees can Count On?

In a medical facility, delicate items have to be transported very quickly. This has to be done with no hiccups, mistakes or exceptions. When lives are on the line, seconds really do count. We offer caster wheels that make it easy to transport items all over your medical facility. These thermoplastic wheels (and others) make it easy to get your items where they have to go pronto. By that same token, you need wheels that move but also last a long time. If you?re constantly replacing casters, often having to replace them, then even the smoothest, slickest caster wheel is going to slow you down. We have plenty of durable caster wheels, so that you never have to worry that your casters are going to let you down. For our full catalog, go to our site or call? (888) 490-2969.?

Low profile casters make moving things easier, period. When you have to carry large appliances and other items into a small, low-overhead space, it can be extremely difficult. Instead of having to do all that work (and risking potential injury) these casters can make it so much easier. These casters with a low profile (also called ?business machine casters?) allow you to simply roll your items into a location. We have a wide variety of these business machine casters so that you can find the exact right casters for your job.

What Low Profile Casters can Move

The modern-day office requires quite a lot of appliances. If you?ve never had to move your office before, then you may be caught unaware by simply how much work this requires. Desks, tables, file cabinets ? and that?s just for starters. These casters make it possible to carry those items (and others) into an area easily. The reason for that is the casters? low profile.

low profile casters

What makes these casters so remarkable is that they?re able to carry items that are so large without being large themselves. That?s where the ?low profile? part comes in. See, you can put something like a refrigerator on these casters, and then you can wheel it into your kitchen or other areas. These casters, low and short as they are, can support that refrigerator?s weight. Moreover, since they?re so short, they make it easier to get the refrigerator into the area, too. They might only be a few inches shorter than another kind of caster, but those few inches can make all of the difference in the world. They can be what separates wheeling a fridge (or something even bulkier) into an area or having to do it all by hand. That saves time, money, effort, and so much more.

Casters for Delicate Jobs

We mentioned the fridge, which is something that has to be handled with a certain touch, yes, but a refrigerator is going to go through some wear and tear. People touch and use fridges every day; they sometimes slam the door when they shouldn?t, etc. There?s durability about fridges. Other items that are business machine casters can move are far more sensitive. One common application of these casters is to use them to move server towers.

Server towers are as delicate an item as there is. They aren?t meant to be jostled, and they sure shouldn?t be dropped. They can also be difficult to move because they?re so tall. This is one more area in which our business machine casters excel. These casters allow you to wheel them into a room without adding many inches to their height. So, you can wheel them around quickly and easily without any fear that they?ll bump on a ceiling, or doorframe, or anything like that. Our casters allow you the freedom to put your most important items where you want them to be put.

Safe on Floors

The name ?business machine casters? includes the word ?business.? So, we make casters that help in all manner of business capacity. To use an example, imagine that you use our casters to bring your tables and desks into a commercial establishment. You need these tables and desks for your employees, as well as for any potential clients, customers, investors, partners or others who might come through. It makes sense that you want casters which make it easy to set everything up just the way that you want.

Additionally, you?re going to want casters that don?t make marks on your flooring, too. There are many kinds of casters available. We understand that the job of business machine casters isn?t just to make sure that items are moved into and out of the business easily, we know that they?re also supposed to help the business in every way possible, too. It doesn?t help the business to have skid marks or other stains on the floor.

That?s the kind of thing that might seem like a small thing in the moment but can become larger later on. Sure, most people don?t make their purchasing or investment decisions based on a few skid marks on the ground, but it can?t help. Our business machine casters, safe for a variety of floors, can protect your items as well as your floors, too. We see it as one more way that we can assist your business.

Of course, our casters are safe for floors that aren?t included in business, too. Using the refrigerator as an example, we know how important your kitchen floor is to you at home. You do everything in your power to make sure that it looks clean and neat. Used properly, our casters allow you to get your fridge, tables, and other appliances in and out of your kitchen without any other marks.

Casters that Last

Most casters are built to be used infrequently. If you go to other caster sites, you?ll find all different kinds of casters, most of which are used exclusively to help move items into and out of a location. For many of our business machine casters, however, the opposite is true. They won?t be used just once: they?ll be used for a long period of time. We?ve built plenty of them for that specific purpose. This is why we have casters with brakes available and more.

Often, when our customers wheel something on our casters into their place of business, they want it to stay there for a long period of time. They?ll want to keep it near data connection points and so forth, but also may want to move it someday. So, it stands to reason that they wouldn?t want to take the casters off. When you get casters with brakes, this is easy. You simply keep the casters on, keep the brakes on, and the item can be moved easily whenever you want. Today?s modern business world moves quickly. It can be difficult to predict what's going to happen tomorrow, much less next week or later. We offer casters with brakes which better allow business owners to keep up with the fast pace of business.

One thing to keep in mind about casters with brakes which are going to stay in one location for a long period of time: be careful about the load capacity. If they?re going to be in one place for four weeks or more, even the strongest, most durable business machine caster could get a flat spot. There?s one way to minimize or even eliminate the possibility of this: make sure that the weight is nowhere near the load capacity. In fact, we recommend reducing the rated capacity by fifty percent, should it sit on your items for a month or more.

So, this means if you got casters from us that are rated for up to 800 pounds, then you want something that was 400 pounds or less on top of it. If the casters were rated for 400 pounds, then you would want something that?s 200 pounds, and so forth. Those casters could absolutely carry their load capacity when they move in and out of a location, but for something sitting on top of them for more than a month, making sure the items are half of the load capacity is recommended.

A Place for Casters

We have all different kinds of business machine casters here at our site. You can get casters that can handle anywhere from 200 pounds to 800 as well as more customized options. Brakes, dual-wheel casters and more are all available. We know that many people don?t buy business machine casters all that often, so we?re glad to be able to offer you advice on what casters are right for you. To get the casters you need, head to our site or call (888) 490-2969.

There are many ways that store owners can improve the shopping experience for their customers. One of the least expensive and most helpful, however, is often overlooked: new shopping cart wheels. A cart with new wheels operates much better, making the entire shopping experience better for practically any customer. From the youngest to the oldest, absolutely no one likes to have a shopping cart where they?re fighting with the wheels, or intermittently having to shove it to keep it moving. With our wheels, you can improve a trip to the store for your customers, thus making it that much more likely they will return.

Top Quality Shopping Cart Wheels

Cart wheels are something that no one really thinks about until they stop working. Then, when a person is shopping in a store with a cart which has malfunctioning wheels, it can be difficult for them to think of much else. We know that many commercial locations, even the most successful ones, don?t have that much money in their budget for all new cart wheels. That?s why we make sure that ours are reasonably priced. That way, your company can give your customers a better store experience at essentially any price point.

Shopping Cart Wheels

For example, if you got through our site, you?ll find that with only a few exceptions, our caster wheels cost less than $10 per wheel. So, for roughly the price of a sandwich, you could give your customers a smoother buying experience when they?re in your establishment. Wheels for a shopping cart are a simple way to make things easier on not just your customers, but your employees as well. Many of them are likely to move carts around your establishment, and they don?t want to deal with substandard or worn-out wheels anymore than anyone else does. There are expensive ways to invest in your store, but new cart wheels aren?t one of them.

What you can expect from our Wheels

Many people buy in bulk now. Not every customer will, but many folks plan on going to the grocery store just once a week (or less) so they tend to buy plenty of items all at once. That?s just one of the reasons that we?ve made durable wheels for your shopping carts. Each of our shopping cart wheels can handle up to 250 pounds. That means that your customers can buy what they want in one trip (within reason) without having to fight against their shopping cart. These wheels are one more way that you can show your customers your business is focused on their needs.

We also know that not every commercial establishment is the same. Many of our customers run grocery stores, with hard floors that have seen many years of service. Of course, we also know that a great many of our customers have floors that differ from that as well. So, we made our wheels for shopping carts to work on essentially any kind of floor. If there?s a floor in your store, our wheels should be able to push a shopping cart on it. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, we always recommend that you reach out to us. However, for the most part, when you need a shopping cart to move along your floor, then these cart wheels can make it happen.

One thing to keep in mind about shopping carts is that, just like cars, they do need to turn. That?s why, when most of go to get new tires on our cars, the service technicians recommend that we get two wheels, as opposed to just one. The same goes for these wheels on shopping carts as well. That can make the ride so much smoother and more balanced, no matter how much your customers put into the cart. To give your customers shopping carts that turn how they want and when they want for an extended period of time, then you?ll want to get two wheels at once.

Of course, when people complain about the wheels on their shopping cart, weak/worn-down wheels that don?t turn or move how they should is usually the most common complaint. The next most common complaint that we see is noise. When you?re shopping, taking the time to buy all of the items that you need, few sounds can be more annoying than the ?squeak? of a wheel.? For most people, these squeaky wheels are somewhere between ?irritating? and ?ear-piercing.? That?s why we?ve built our wheels to provide operation that?s quiet and smooth.

When used properly, these wheels will eliminate any noises that can bother your customers. Their mobility is essentially effortless, so you don?t have to worry about them locking up or causing a racket.? Even wheels that operate exactly as they should can lower the quality of a customer?s shopping experience if the wheels won?t quiet down. That?s why we?ve made our wheels to be the best of all worlds: they provide you and your customers with top-quality operation in utter silence.

Next Level Wheels

Simply working as they should and not making noise are the minimum of what wheels on a shopping cart should be. That?s where the floor is set, not the ceiling, so to speak. To that end, we also offer wheel for shopping carts that can do more. For example, each of the wheels that we offer for shopping carts at our site are great for rolling on practically any kind of floor. However, many of our wheels are also good at protecting floors, too.

If you have a store (particularly a successful one) then you have foot and shopping cart traffic all day and maybe all night, too. That?s great for your business, but not so good for your floor. Even the best floor, well-maintained, is going to wear down over a period of time. We don?t know specifically what kind of floor you have in your establishment, but we?re willing to bet that fixing or replacing it costs much, much more than getting new wheels on your shopping carts. So, we?ve made many of our wheels for shopping carts in such a way that they roll easily and protect floors. That way, these wheels have multiple ways of protecting your investment.

One thing you can expect from our next-level wheels is that not only will they protect your floors; they?ll keep them unblemished, too. You do so much to keep your store looking nice: between cleaning, maintenance and the like, but it can be undone so quickly through all kinds of shopping cart wheel marks. Those can be difficult for even top-end industrial cleaners to get rid of.? So, we built many of our wheels in such a way that you don?t have to worry about those kinds of marks. These wheels can provide a fresh start, not just for your shopping carts but for your floor as well.

One Place for Wheels

While we do everything we can to keep the price of these wheels down, we know that this isn?t a purchase that many store owners want to make often. To that end, our wheels for shopping carts are made to be as durable as possible. No matter where your store might be, they can get the job done. They?re sturdy enough to handle the hot temperatures of an LA summer, or holiday shopping in a Minnesota winter, and every other kind of environment in between. There?s so much riding on the wheels of your shopping carts. We know that this isn?t a purchase that store owners make all that often, so we?re always glad to answer any questions you might have. If you?d like to know more about which wheels are right for your store, simply give us a call at (888) 490-2969.

Ask a professional ?what are the best caster wheels for any given circumstance,? and you?re liable to get hundreds of different answers, if not more. Everyone has their own preference, or opinion of what?s worked for them in the past. Not only do know what kind of caster wheels are most effective, but we?ve even highlighted the non-marking caster wheels in our descriptions and specs making it easier to find the perfect fit during the search process. Generally speaking, our Mirage and Soft Rubber Wheel Types are ideal for preserving the integrity of your floors.

The Particulars of Wooden Floors

Wooden floors might be more common now than ever before. It certainly seems like you can find wooden floors in more contexts than you might have in the recent past. With the growing implementation of wooden floors worldwide, the demand for material consciousness is even greater. ?They?re much easier to maintain and are aesthetically more appealing. Caster wheels that work well on wooden floors can come in quite handy, while making maneuverability less stressful in eliminating markings and streaking. Let?s face it, if you?re making the investment to put down quality wooden floors, soft rubber-non-marking gray casters are the way to go to protect your investment. That?s why it?s imperative to use the right caster for the right application. ?Conceding on quality and material makeup is not recommended when considering the proper attributes that caster wheels can offer for usage on wooden surfaces.

Dependability on Wooden Floors

Dependability is so crucial when looking for caster wheels that are going to work on wooden floors. A quality manufacturer will usually indicate the surface types of applications and when considering wooden floors will especially note the exact spec selection for wooden surfaces. The reason for that is simple: you can?t afford to make a mistake, not even a short distance. You may think that your caster wheels are right for wooden floors, but if they cause a smudge or mark, then that?s it. Now you?re in the red for resurfacing and buffing. ?You need caster wheels that can do the job right from the first roll. That?s why, often, when folks ask us for a kind of caster wheel that will work on wooden floors, we tell them to check out our Mirage and Soft Rubber wheels. What makes these wheels so great for wooden floors is their composition. They?re specifically designed so as to not cause markings or streaks. This means that you can use them on anything you need caster wheels on for greater mobility without the risk of marking or streaking. These caster wheels can accommodate different kinds of decor as well. ?What makes our products unique is the assortment of color configurations and function with respect to rigid, swivel and locking casters. So, you can find one that fits your company?s brand. You can also find caster wheels that fit the color scheme that you have in your home or office, too.

best caster wheels


Quiet, Easy, Reliable

That?s exactly what our rubber caster wheels are. Regardless of the location, we all want objects to be moved quietly, easily, and reliably. ?Whether you?re going around a fast corner, cables, bumps, or uneven surfaces you can be rest assured that our light duty Mirage and Soft Rubber caster wheels will have you there with a smooth roll while maintaining the surface in great shape. ?You don?t need to be heard approaching from a distance or be fearful that the wheels will fail you before getting to where you are going. These safety attributes are just some of the criteria more people are looking for in their casters especially when considering wooden floors.

For example, most rubber wheels are specifically qualified for light duty applications. That means that they can handle certain weight thresholds. You don?t want to exceed that. If you do, then you may compromise the capabilities of the wheel and expose the surface or object to unnecessary damages. ?Consequently, there are stronger forms of rubber caster wheels that we offer. One such option is to get caster wheels that use a rubber tread around a cast iron core. This gives you the strength and durability of iron, but without the possibility of the iron touching your wooden floors. Soft and gentle on the outside, strong and powerful on the inside. That?s what these particular caster wheels can offer for you.

Endless Customization

We aim to offer many different kinds of caster wheel options and configurations. That being said, you?re sure to find one that specifically fits your situation. That?s where Icon Caster Wheels comes into play. With so many different sizes of wheel diameter, colors, selections of bearings, treads and more, these caster wheels are sure to be the perfect fitment in specs and application. ?These caster wheels also work with an enormous range of temperatures as well. We know that many of our customers live or work in environments where the daily minimum and daily maximum are quite far apart from each other. That?s why these caster wheels were designed to be effective anywhere from 180 degrees to negative 45 degrees. So, when the weather doesn?t cooperate with your plans, these caster wheels will.

Best Caster Wheels on Any Surface

The aforementioned covered what kinds of caster wheels you might be looking for in regards to wooden floors. We know that not all of our customers have wooden floors. That?s why we have so many different designs of caster wheels available. You can choose from the wheels above, or you can go to our site and see our complete collection of caster wheels and accessories. If you have more questions about the right caster wheels for your situation, just call us at (888) 726-0074.

We know that you have many options for the treads on your caster wheels. Here at our company, we do everything we can to offer you as many different caster wheels options as possible. One of the more popular kinds of treads is our polyurethane casters. These treads can be used in many different applications for a host of different reasons. Below, we?ll touch on some of the benefits of using polyurethane tread caster wheels. Additionally, we?ll cover some other kinds of wheels that you might be interested in.

Polyurethane Tread Caster Wheels Industrial Application

Many of the customers who use polyurethane tread casters do so for an industrial setting. This means that they?re in factories, warehouses, and other similar locations. These polyurethane casters are used for medium and heavy-duty purposes day in and day out. Some industries have zero downtime forcing excessive usage and demand. This means that business owners need caster wheels that they can rely on. They can?t afford a setback in a failed caster wheel.

One of the most popular benefits to these casters besides versatility is their ?wearability.? That may not sound like a real world, but when it comes to caster wheels, it?s actually quite important. It means that they won?t ?wear down? when working under heavy loads, nor will they ?wear out.? Instead, it means that you can rely on them for an extended period of time to get the job done. Specifically, these polyurethane treads are often sought after when the loads are quite heavy and taxing. The holding force and load capacity of some polyurethane casters can be quite strong indeed reaching as high as 3500 lbs per caster. Often, you?ll find that polyurethane casters are compared to rubber tires. There are quite a few similarities, however, on average; polyurethane tires provide a greater load-bearing capacity. Rubber tires might flatten out, or just simply break under some of the loads that these polyurethane casters might work under.

Protection for Ears, Protection for Floors

No one wants to have to deal with loud caster wheels. Whether you?re on the floor of the warehouse, working in the office, or at home, no one wants to hear noises coming out of the caster wheels. This is yet another reason that polyurethane tires are so popular. Compared to other kinds of caster wheels, these particular treads cause much less noise than other options. This has made them a great choice for a variety of locations.

At first, you might think ?why would employees worry about the noise coming from caster wheels?? While this may not be a loud screeching, it can add up day after day. After all, employees that work with these kinds of wheels tend to do it day in, day out for several years on end. While a little bit of noise one day won?t mean much, over time, it can add up to significant hearing damage and worse. So, these wheels are a great way to protect the hearing of your employees over a long period of time.

Steel or cast iron wheels, without polyurethane treads around them, can cause quite a bit of noise. Sure, they?re durable and strong, but all that clanging can make quite a racket. That?s particularly true if the ground that your wheels are going to be on is quite uneven. If you?re in most modern warehouses or other workstations, then the ground is, in all likelihood, quite uneven. So, that uneven surface can make quite a bit of noise. Using polyurethane tread casters is a fantastic way to make sure that your employees can work in a quieter environment.

Sure, the floor in a warehouse or other industrial setting might see its share of marks, scrapes and other problems, but you don?t want to add to that unless you have to. These particular polyurethane casters are great about making sure that your floor is in as good of shape as possible for as long as possible.

One of the ways that our polyurethane treads are able to do this is through our proprietary injection mold process. ?Most manufacturers take short cuts by not injecting the tread mold fully through the center connector spacing. Our plant not only injects the resin through the center but makes sure it coils over closing the loop internally to full circle providing extensive industrial strength, durability, and longevity. Another contributor is tread width. In many cases, these polyurethane treads are wider than some other materials which may be a bit harder. So, that smaller, more concentrated wheel can damage floors much easier. Polyurethane treads, on the other hand, tend to be a bit wider. So, they spread out the stress concentration. Instead of keeping it focused and narrow, by spreading it out, they?re able to diffuse it. In all, this creates less stress on the floor itself. This can help your floor quite a bit in the long run.

polyurethane treads for caster wheels


Tough Tires for Tough Environments

Many industrial work environments can be tough. Sure, you might want them to be sterile, dry locations, but that?s not always the case. The environment could be wet, humid, or worse. There could be all kinds of chemicals around, or solvents, or something else that makes the work environment just a bit more difficult. Again, when the work environment is challenging, you want caster wheels and treads that are going to be able to meet the challenge, as opposed to shirking away from it.

Polyurethane treads don?t corrode when water?s about. They actually have quite a bit of resistance to water, which is just one more way that they prevail. They won?t just break down as soon as the environment gets a bit challenging. As much as we would like to, there?s just no way to perfectly, completely control the work environment. When things break down or become difficult, you need caster wheels that can help in practically all situations. Icon Casters are exactly what the doctor ordered.

Better Grip on Caster Wheels

Slippage. One of the last things anyone wants to deal with in an industrial environment is wheels that slip. That can create a dangerous, unsafe situation. Fortunately, polyurethane treads on caster wheels have a strong grip. Known by many in the industry as a ?grippy? material, these particular tires are very resistant to sliding. With a strong ability to provide traction, they can help to make it easier to stay in control.

While there are harder materials for tires and wheels, they might slide a bit more. With polyurethane treads, you can reduce the amount of the load on the wheel while improving overall traction making it easier to get all of the driving force that you or your workers need to maintain control of direction.

Our Polyurethane Tires for Caster Wheels

At our site, you can get medium and heavy duty caster wheels made with polyurethane treads. We know that no two environments are exactly the same. Your industrial environment is going to be different from someone else?s, with different challenges than others, and vice versa. Therefore, no one application will have a universal solution.

That?s why we offer as many different options as possible. Go to our site and you?ll see all of the different types of caster wheels available almost instantly for your specific needs. If you can?t find it, we?ll make it. ?That?s the advantage of working with the Icon of casters. Don?t worry about needing extensive knowledge pertaining to casters. That?s our job! You can talk to our professionals directly and expand your knowledge base through chat, email or by phone. Just give us a call at (888) 726-0074.

We always aim to offer our customers as many different kinds of caster wheels as possible. That way, they can find the right caster wheels for the job. There are plenty of caster wheels at our site that can handle light and medium duty jobs. When the workload isn?t going to be that much, when the loads aren?t going to be very heavy, then these are the right caster wheels. However, there are times when you need more than that when the caster wheels that can handle light duty and medium duty won?t get the job done. In those circumstances, you?re going to need heavy duty caster wheels.

What We Mean by ?Heavy Duty?

?Heavy duty? is one of those phrases that everyone has a separate definition of. What?s ?heavy duty? to you may be ?medium duty? to someone else. However, when it comes to caster wheels, there?s an essentially agreed-upon definition: 2,000 to 44,000 pounds. That?s heavy duty. From one ton and up. Now, with a range of basically 42,000 pounds, caster wheels that are ?heavy duty? can differ quite a bit from each other.

These kinds of casters are made out of all different kinds of materials. It?s not like some casters made of some materials are considered ?heavy duty,? you can actually get ?heavy duty? casters made from multiple kinds of materials. Obviously, many of these kinds of caster wheels are made out of metal. Metal is strong, sturdy, and can withstand quite a bit. However, it?s important to note that there are many kinds of materials that are heavy duty in addition to metal.

Polyurethane has proven to be quite popular in caster wheels that handle heavy duty and medium duty loads. In large part, that?s because they offer the benefits of light to medium duty wheels like rubber, only in a stronger package. Additionally, we have plenty of caster wheels made out of what?s called ?thermoplastic elastomers? and ?phenolic resin.? As you might imagine from those names, these are more technologically advanced kinds of caster wheels. We understand if those names can appear a bit confusing. That?s why we?re always glad to answer your questions. If you?re unsure about which kinds of caster wheels are right for you, give us a call.

It?s important to note that there are many different kinds of casters that can be considered as ?heavy duty? as well. Some casters have a ?swivel,? which means that they can move in essentially any direction. You can turn them to go in the direction that you would like, and then go in that direction. By that same token, ?rigid? casters are exactly what they sound like: casters that only go forwards and backwards. They can go in one direction, or they can go back. As we?ll touch on below, it?s important to know as much as possible about the environment that your caster wheels will be working in before making a final purchase.

heavy duty caster wheels

Picking Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

When you?re looking for caster wheels for the heavier loads, it?s important to know what to look for. It may seem like the right thing to do in a given circumstance is to just pick the heaviest duty caster wheel possible, but that?s not always the right idea. Some of the wheels that are the most heavy duty aren?t right for every environment. To use an example, a caster wheel that?s ?heavy duty? for an industrial setting, for a busy warehouse floor, might not be the right caster wheel for a heavy duty office or retail setting. This is just one more reason that we?re so proud to maintain such a large catalog: so that we can offer our customers as many caster wheels as possible.

One important factor to take into account when picking the caster wheels for your heavy duty setting is temperature. Most people tend not to think of caster wheels as something that can be affected by temperature, but the truth is that they can be significantly affected. Temperature can break down caster wheels that aren?t built to withstand it. Before you purchase your caster wheels, know the temperature of the location that you?re buying them for.

For example, a warehouse without air conditioning is going to have a different temperature range than an office with central air. Of course, when you?re getting these caster wheels, the keyword is ?range.? You want caster wheels that will work best for the extreme highs and lows. Many desert locations get very hot during the summer days, but they can get eerily cold during the winter nights. The right caster wheels will be able to withstand and work hard in any temperature fluctuations.

Floors and Environments

Caster wheels have to be right for the floors as well. On our site, you can find caster wheels that work with certain wood floors, but not every floor is made of wood. Many floors, even those in warehouses and the like, are made not to be marked or suffer damage. You have to take that into account when choosing your caster wheels. Wheels that are more likely to scrape and mark your floors might not be the right option, even if they are heavy duty enough for the applications that you?re looking for.

By that same token, ?the floor? is not the only part of the environment that your caster wheels will be interacting with. It?s natural to think that, but it?s not the case. For example, caster wheels can make quite a bit of noise, in some environments as well. That can cause a problem for your employees over a given period of time. One day, one week, one month, the noise from caster wheels might not be so bad. However, over a decade or more, every day, eight hours a day at least, that noise can take a significant toll on a person?s health, both physical and mental. If caster wheels are going to get a lot of loud work alongside people who will be doing that work, then noise reduction should be taken into account, too.

Most of us don?t tend to think of caster wheels as something that can be affected by certain environments, but they absolutely can. Caster wheels that are going to be working in humid or wet environments, in a bay or tropical area, have to be able to withstand those environments. After all, you don?t want to have to buy new caster wheels every year because they keep corroding (or worse) on you. By making sure that you get caster wheels that can fit your environment, you?re protecting your investment.

All Types of Caster Wheels

Earlier, we cautioned against getting caster wheels that might be a bit too heavy duty for your particular location. By that same token, you don?t want to miss in the opposite direction, either. Believing that your environment doesn?t require caster wheels that are heavy duty caliber, then getting caster wheels that can?t do the job, can be a nightmare. With our full, extensive catalog to choose from, you can find the right caster wheels for your workplace or home, the kind of caster wheels that can withstand the test of time.

One thing to keep in mind about caster wheels is that you don?t have to buy a bunch that are exactly the same. You can get caster wheels that swivel as well as some rigid ones, you can buy some made from one material and others from another. Our professionals will be glad to help you through the process. We understand that not everyone grows up making caster wheel purchasing decisions, so our experts can help you to find the right caster wheels for your location. To talk to one of our pros about your situation and caster wheels, call (888) 726-0074.

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