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Low Profile Casters: High Quality for Your Appliances

Low profile casters make moving things easier, period. When you have to carry large appliances and other items into a small, low-overhead space, it can be extremely difficult. Instead of having to do all that work (and risking potential injury) these casters can make it so much easier. These casters with a low profile (also called ?business machine casters?) allow you to simply roll your items into a location. We have a wide variety of these business machine casters so that you can find the exact right casters for your job.

What Low Profile Casters can Move

The modern-day office requires quite a lot of appliances. If you?ve never had to move your office before, then you may be caught unaware by simply how much work this requires. Desks, tables, file cabinets ? and that?s just for starters. These casters make it possible to carry those items (and others) into an area easily. The reason for that is the casters? low profile.

low profile casters

What makes these casters so remarkable is that they?re able to carry items that are so large without being large themselves. That?s where the ?low profile? part comes in. See, you can put something like a refrigerator on these casters, and then you can wheel it into your kitchen or other areas. These casters, low and short as they are, can support that refrigerator?s weight. Moreover, since they?re so short, they make it easier to get the refrigerator into the area, too. They might only be a few inches shorter than another kind of caster, but those few inches can make all of the difference in the world. They can be what separates wheeling a fridge (or something even bulkier) into an area or having to do it all by hand. That saves time, money, effort, and so much more.

Casters for Delicate Jobs

We mentioned the fridge, which is something that has to be handled with a certain touch, yes, but a refrigerator is going to go through some wear and tear. People touch and use fridges every day; they sometimes slam the door when they shouldn?t, etc. There?s durability about fridges. Other items that are business machine casters can move are far more sensitive. One common application of these casters is to use them to move server towers.

Server towers are as delicate an item as there is. They aren?t meant to be jostled, and they sure shouldn?t be dropped. They can also be difficult to move because they?re so tall. This is one more area in which our business machine casters excel. These casters allow you to wheel them into a room without adding many inches to their height. So, you can wheel them around quickly and easily without any fear that they?ll bump on a ceiling, or doorframe, or anything like that. Our casters allow you the freedom to put your most important items where you want them to be put.

Safe on Floors

The name ?business machine casters? includes the word ?business.? So, we make casters that help in all manner of business capacity. To use an example, imagine that you use our casters to bring your tables and desks into a commercial establishment. You need these tables and desks for your employees, as well as for any potential clients, customers, investors, partners or others who might come through. It makes sense that you want casters which make it easy to set everything up just the way that you want.

Additionally, you?re going to want casters that don?t make marks on your flooring, too. There are many kinds of casters available. We understand that the job of business machine casters isn?t just to make sure that items are moved into and out of the business easily, we know that they?re also supposed to help the business in every way possible, too. It doesn?t help the business to have skid marks or other stains on the floor.

That?s the kind of thing that might seem like a small thing in the moment but can become larger later on. Sure, most people don?t make their purchasing or investment decisions based on a few skid marks on the ground, but it can?t help. Our business machine casters, safe for a variety of floors, can protect your items as well as your floors, too. We see it as one more way that we can assist your business.

Of course, our casters are safe for floors that aren?t included in business, too. Using the refrigerator as an example, we know how important your kitchen floor is to you at home. You do everything in your power to make sure that it looks clean and neat. Used properly, our casters allow you to get your fridge, tables, and other appliances in and out of your kitchen without any other marks.

Casters that Last

Most casters are built to be used infrequently. If you go to other caster sites, you?ll find all different kinds of casters, most of which are used exclusively to help move items into and out of a location. For many of our business machine casters, however, the opposite is true. They won?t be used just once: they?ll be used for a long period of time. We?ve built plenty of them for that specific purpose. This is why we have casters with brakes available and more.

Often, when our customers wheel something on our casters into their place of business, they want it to stay there for a long period of time. They?ll want to keep it near data connection points and so forth, but also may want to move it someday. So, it stands to reason that they wouldn?t want to take the casters off. When you get casters with brakes, this is easy. You simply keep the casters on, keep the brakes on, and the item can be moved easily whenever you want. Today?s modern business world moves quickly. It can be difficult to predict what's going to happen tomorrow, much less next week or later. We offer casters with brakes which better allow business owners to keep up with the fast pace of business.

One thing to keep in mind about casters with brakes which are going to stay in one location for a long period of time: be careful about the load capacity. If they?re going to be in one place for four weeks or more, even the strongest, most durable business machine caster could get a flat spot. There?s one way to minimize or even eliminate the possibility of this: make sure that the weight is nowhere near the load capacity. In fact, we recommend reducing the rated capacity by fifty percent, should it sit on your items for a month or more.

So, this means if you got casters from us that are rated for up to 800 pounds, then you want something that was 400 pounds or less on top of it. If the casters were rated for 400 pounds, then you would want something that?s 200 pounds, and so forth. Those casters could absolutely carry their load capacity when they move in and out of a location, but for something sitting on top of them for more than a month, making sure the items are half of the load capacity is recommended.

A Place for Casters

We have all different kinds of business machine casters here at our site. You can get casters that can handle anywhere from 200 pounds to 800 as well as more customized options. Brakes, dual-wheel casters and more are all available. We know that many people don?t buy business machine casters all that often, so we?re glad to be able to offer you advice on what casters are right for you. To get the casters you need, head to our site or call (888) 490-2969.

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