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Finding the Right Caster Wheel to Fit Your Project

With the right caster wheel, it can be easy to move around your home, office or anywhere else. However, with the wrong one, it can be difficult to get anything done at all. At our site, we have so many different kinds of caster wheels to choose from. We know that, if this is one of your first times purchasing caster wheels (or your first time, period) then that can all be a bit daunting. Below, we?ll go over some things you want to keep in mind when you?re buying caster wheels, so that you can get the right ones for your location.

Where Caster Wheels Work

The truth is, it?s probably harder to find industries that don?t include caster wheels as opposed to those that do. With caster wheels, it?s easier to move objects. In many cases, it can make moving something that may be impossible heavy and/or bulky to move by hand quite easy. That?s why many times; people tend to encounter caster wheels in industrial locations. Those are areas where many extremely heavy or cumbersome items need to be moved quickly. Hence, caster wheels make the process that much simpler and easier.

Many of the caster wheels we offer are used in the hospitality industry. They can help with moving foods, beverages and more. Several of our clients are hospitals and similar locations, where expensive machinery and delicate medicines have to go from one place to another safely, securely and quickly. However, more and more, people are buying casters for their homes, as well. You can move on caster wheels across wooden floors and other flat surfaces quite easily.

The above are just a few of the many different kinds of locations that you can find our caster wheels in. There are so many more than that. In fact, practically every month it feels like, someone contacts us looking for caster wheels for an environment that we never considered before. That?s why we always recommend that potential customers reach out to us before purchasing caster wheels for the first time. That way, you can make the right purchase for your caster wheels the first time.

Right Casters for Clean Floors

When customers ask us about what kind of caster wheels they should get, one of the first questions we ask is: ?what?s your floor like?? many of our customers, even the industrial ones, don?t want to get any marks on their floor whatsoever. That?s one of the more critical considerations when it comes to these casters. That way, you can get the right casters without making a mistake that leads to streaks (or worse) on your floor.

One of the most popular and most durable kinds of caster wheels is steel. Steel is tough. Metal, sturdy and strong, steel can last for a lot of years. Steel caster wheels can carry the heavy loads day in and day out for years or more on end. However, steel wheels can be rough on the floors. They can mark delicate floors, causing streaks, smudges and more. That may not be too important on the warehouse floor, where the heaviest shipments have to move pronto. However, it may take on greater importance in the office or on the hardwood floor in your home?s new den.

In those circumstances, you may be interested in rubber casters. These are the caster wheels that are perhaps most specifically designed to be easy on your floor. They really excel at light or medium duty work. They can help you to transport items around your home or office with great ease, all while not scuffling or leaving a mark. These caster wheels may not be the toughest, and they won?t be able to handle the heaviest loads, but they can be a great asset to your office.

As you might imagine, there is a middle ground between these two options. Those are our polyurethane caster wheels. For lack of a better analogy, think of these as a middle ground between steel and rubber. They?re certainly stronger and more durable than the rubber caster wheels, but they aren?t as tough as the steel ones. However, they?re a lot less tough on your floors. They might not have all of the floor protection powers that rubber caster wheels do, but they?re far gentler on your floors than steel caster wheels ever could be. These are just a few of the kinds of caster wheels that we offer, you can find many more at our site.

finding the right caster wheel to fit your project


Know your Floors, Know your Caster Wheels

Every floor is different. After all, even if you have a brand new wood floor or some kind of fancy linoleum, it may not be 100% flat. There could be some unevenness to it. After all, if you?re going to use caster wheels in some kind of office or retail environment, there are probably going to be some cords and cables on the ground somewhere. Maybe you have a store, and there are electrical plugs going to the cash register machines; or perhaps you a home office with a printer, desktop, TV monitor and more. No matter where you?re going to use your caster wheels, it probably won?t be in an environment that?s perfectly flat.

If there are cracks in your flooring or other large obstructions, make sure that you get caster wheels that are large enough to go over them. Should the caster wheels be too small, they might get stuck and bogged down in the obstacle. If that?s the case, then the caster wheels are going to make it more difficult to move your items around, which is essentially the opposite of the reason you got the caster wheels in the first place.

A good rule of thumb to follow when picking caster wheels: the heavier the load, the larger the wheel. This is common sense, but it?s also a good thing to keep in mind. One question we often get is: ?should I get caster wheels with a ball bearing in them?? This is a good question, and we do recommend that you should purchase these if the weight or load that the caster wheels will be supporting exceeds 400 pounds.

So, as ever, you want to be careful here. That might not be what a computer chair weighs, but a dolly or something similar, absolutely. Getting the wrong caster wheels, or getting ones that are too small, might cause a real problem here. Additionally, you want to be aware of the environment that you?re getting the caster wheels for as well. Should the temperature get too high or too low, then you may encounter some performance issues, and the caster wheels may not work as well as you had hoped.

Caster wheels that make too much noise might be a real problem for your business. Even if they can support heavy loads easily, they could make it difficult for your employees to focus on their jobs. ?When loud noises from squeaking, hard-working wheels distract your employees from their work, the whole company can suffer. At our site, you?ll find plenty of caster wheels that can get the job done while allowing your employees to get their jobs done, too.

Right Caster Wheel for You

The main advantage of adding caster wheels to something is almost invariably increased mobility. When caster wheels are added, even the most difficult to move object becomes a bit more mobile. They can make things much easier on your employees and workers, as they won?t have to expend as much effort to move things around. They can save time, money and more. At our site, you can find all different kinds of caster wheels. To talk to a professional who can help you to find the right ones for your needs, call (888) 726-0074.

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