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Shopping Cart Wheels: Helping your Customers

There are many ways that store owners can improve the shopping experience for their customers. One of the least expensive and most helpful, however, is often overlooked: new shopping cart wheels. A cart with new wheels operates much better, making the entire shopping experience better for practically any customer. From the youngest to the oldest, absolutely no one likes to have a shopping cart where they?re fighting with the wheels, or intermittently having to shove it to keep it moving. With our wheels, you can improve a trip to the store for your customers, thus making it that much more likely they will return.

Top Quality Shopping Cart Wheels

Cart wheels are something that no one really thinks about until they stop working. Then, when a person is shopping in a store with a cart which has malfunctioning wheels, it can be difficult for them to think of much else. We know that many commercial locations, even the most successful ones, don?t have that much money in their budget for all new cart wheels. That?s why we make sure that ours are reasonably priced. That way, your company can give your customers a better store experience at essentially any price point.

Shopping Cart Wheels

For example, if you got through our site, you?ll find that with only a few exceptions, our caster wheels cost less than $10 per wheel. So, for roughly the price of a sandwich, you could give your customers a smoother buying experience when they?re in your establishment. Wheels for a shopping cart are a simple way to make things easier on not just your customers, but your employees as well. Many of them are likely to move carts around your establishment, and they don?t want to deal with substandard or worn-out wheels anymore than anyone else does. There are expensive ways to invest in your store, but new cart wheels aren?t one of them.

What you can expect from our Wheels

Many people buy in bulk now. Not every customer will, but many folks plan on going to the grocery store just once a week (or less) so they tend to buy plenty of items all at once. That?s just one of the reasons that we?ve made durable wheels for your shopping carts. Each of our shopping cart wheels can handle up to 250 pounds. That means that your customers can buy what they want in one trip (within reason) without having to fight against their shopping cart. These wheels are one more way that you can show your customers your business is focused on their needs.

We also know that not every commercial establishment is the same. Many of our customers run grocery stores, with hard floors that have seen many years of service. Of course, we also know that a great many of our customers have floors that differ from that as well. So, we made our wheels for shopping carts to work on essentially any kind of floor. If there?s a floor in your store, our wheels should be able to push a shopping cart on it. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, we always recommend that you reach out to us. However, for the most part, when you need a shopping cart to move along your floor, then these cart wheels can make it happen.

One thing to keep in mind about shopping carts is that, just like cars, they do need to turn. That?s why, when most of go to get new tires on our cars, the service technicians recommend that we get two wheels, as opposed to just one. The same goes for these wheels on shopping carts as well. That can make the ride so much smoother and more balanced, no matter how much your customers put into the cart. To give your customers shopping carts that turn how they want and when they want for an extended period of time, then you?ll want to get two wheels at once.

Of course, when people complain about the wheels on their shopping cart, weak/worn-down wheels that don?t turn or move how they should is usually the most common complaint. The next most common complaint that we see is noise. When you?re shopping, taking the time to buy all of the items that you need, few sounds can be more annoying than the ?squeak? of a wheel.? For most people, these squeaky wheels are somewhere between ?irritating? and ?ear-piercing.? That?s why we?ve built our wheels to provide operation that?s quiet and smooth.

When used properly, these wheels will eliminate any noises that can bother your customers. Their mobility is essentially effortless, so you don?t have to worry about them locking up or causing a racket.? Even wheels that operate exactly as they should can lower the quality of a customer?s shopping experience if the wheels won?t quiet down. That?s why we?ve made our wheels to be the best of all worlds: they provide you and your customers with top-quality operation in utter silence.

Next Level Wheels

Simply working as they should and not making noise are the minimum of what wheels on a shopping cart should be. That?s where the floor is set, not the ceiling, so to speak. To that end, we also offer wheel for shopping carts that can do more. For example, each of the wheels that we offer for shopping carts at our site are great for rolling on practically any kind of floor. However, many of our wheels are also good at protecting floors, too.

If you have a store (particularly a successful one) then you have foot and shopping cart traffic all day and maybe all night, too. That?s great for your business, but not so good for your floor. Even the best floor, well-maintained, is going to wear down over a period of time. We don?t know specifically what kind of floor you have in your establishment, but we?re willing to bet that fixing or replacing it costs much, much more than getting new wheels on your shopping carts. So, we?ve made many of our wheels for shopping carts in such a way that they roll easily and protect floors. That way, these wheels have multiple ways of protecting your investment.

One thing you can expect from our next-level wheels is that not only will they protect your floors; they?ll keep them unblemished, too. You do so much to keep your store looking nice: between cleaning, maintenance and the like, but it can be undone so quickly through all kinds of shopping cart wheel marks. Those can be difficult for even top-end industrial cleaners to get rid of.? So, we built many of our wheels in such a way that you don?t have to worry about those kinds of marks. These wheels can provide a fresh start, not just for your shopping carts but for your floor as well.

One Place for Wheels

While we do everything we can to keep the price of these wheels down, we know that this isn?t a purchase that many store owners want to make often. To that end, our wheels for shopping carts are made to be as durable as possible. No matter where your store might be, they can get the job done. They?re sturdy enough to handle the hot temperatures of an LA summer, or holiday shopping in a Minnesota winter, and every other kind of environment in between. There?s so much riding on the wheels of your shopping carts. We know that this isn?t a purchase that store owners make all that often, so we?re always glad to answer any questions you might have. If you?d like to know more about which wheels are right for your store, simply give us a call at (888) 490-2969.

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