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For over 40 years, Trio Pines U.S.A. Inc. has been recognized as a pioneer in manufacturing superior quality casters while providing customers with exceptional value and fostering cutting edge technology to make its innovation available globally.

Founded in 1971 just outside of Seoul, Korea, the principals of Trio Pines ventured into becoming a leading manufacturer of quality casters and by 1979 was recognized as the first import caster within the United States expanding its reach offering a vast range of caster series and configurations consisting of load capacities from 75 lbs. to 5,800 lbs. per caster matching the American Standard in quality and performance. As the domestic division of Samsong Caster Korea, the company was first to introduce its shock-absorbing casters to OEM’s and the automotive industry within the United States and implemented automation into companies like Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Nissan before becoming a highly sought after supplier by domestic distributors.

Get a glimpse behind the scenes in our state-of-the-art primary manufacturing facility.
Currently, Trio Pines facilitates production in Seoul, Korea and Shanghai, China under ISO 9001 & 14001 certifications integrating its proprietary R&D engineering, tooling, and QC assets in effort to uphold its highly reputable brand with TUV, RoHS and NSF compliance while delivering the best possible value to its customers as part of its mission.

Trio Pines Casters are world renown having markets in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Latin America, and the Pacific Rim. In North America, the company’s headquarters are centered in Brea, CA and services its distributor and OEM channel partners by leveraging its two warehouses strategically located in Dallas, TX and Elgin, IL providing ample national coverage for its full line of caster series.

One of Trio Pines greatest attributes in addition to its high quality is its limitless versatility which can be applied to hundreds of products in multiple industries that include Food Service, Medical, Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Material Handling, Entertainment, Shopping Cart, Music, Aviation, and Sanitation to name a few. “If we do not carry it, we will make it”, that is our motto and promise from the ownership team.
“A caster is not just a wheel, it’s a machine”. 
–Henry Baik
A machine by textbook definition is an apparatus having several parts, each with a definite function when used together to perform a particular task.

At Trio Pines, our casters do just that and more. An integral component bearing its responsibilities of weight, function, and efficiency to operate under any condition or surface is what Trio Pines pledges to deliver to customers one caster at a time.

The Trio Pines difference is in the name.

While a wheel just spins, Trio Pines casters swivel-turn-roll and provide customized mobility to meet the needs of our customers. Each caster wheel undergoes stringent thought design, comprehensive function analysis, and extensive quality assurance paired with spec and tolerance testing for consistent and uniform performance. These disciplines when combined not only create a high quality caster wheel that will do the job, but it will continue to perform delivering sustainable safety, reliability, and cost efficiency for the long haul from any of our regional warehouses.

Known for decades of ingenuity and innovation, the Trio Pines distinguished R&D teams pride themselves on creating custom solutions not only to meet the needs of our customers, but to exceed them. Customers are assured to conveniently find the perfect caster for their mobility needs on any surface including hardwood, asphalt, concrete, tile, brick, or metal. There’s no one caster wheel that does it all, but there is one manufacturer who can make them all. That’s the Trio Pines difference.
Trio Pines logo
Since 1971, we've been quietly manufacturing casters millions of people use everyday. Trio Pines continues to offer the best selection, value, and service nationwide from our distribution centers and sales offices around the country. We take pride in keeping you moving safely. Quality, value, and service are the three cornerstones at Trio Pines.
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