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6600 Series 6" Phenolic Swivel Caster with Top Lock Brake Heavy Duty Caster

6660 Series 6" Swivel Phenolic Caster

6600 6" Swivel Polyurethane on Cast Iron with Top Lock Brake

6600 Series 6" Swivel Polyurethane on Cast Iron with Total Locking Brake

6600 Series 6" Caster Swivel Polyurethane Cast Iron

6600 Series 6" Air/Flat Free (AFR) Top Lock Brake Swivel Caster

6600 Series 6" Swivel Air/Flat Free Caster

6600 Series 6" Pro-Tech Polyurethane Swivel Caster

3600 Series 5" Light Duty Industrial Caster with Mirage Rubber Wheels with Top Lock Brake

3600 Series Mirage Rubber Wheel Grip Ring Caster

Trio Pines logo
Since 1971, we've been quietly manufacturing casters millions of people use everyday. Trio Pines continues to offer the best selection, value, and service nationwide from our distribution centers and sales offices around the country. We take pride in keeping you moving safely. Quality, value, and service are the three cornerstones at Trio Pines.
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