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Best Caster Wheels for Wooden Floors

June 20, 2019

Ask a professional ?what are the best caster wheels for any given circumstance,? and you?re liable to get hundreds of different answers, if not more. Everyone has their own preference, or opinion of what?s worked for them in the past. Not only do know what kind of caster wheels are most effective, but we?ve even highlighted the non-marking caster wheels in our descriptions and specs making it easier to find the perfect fit during the search process. Generally speaking, our Mirage and Soft Rubber Wheel Types are ideal for preserving the integrity of your floors.

The Particulars of Wooden Floors

Wooden floors might be more common now than ever before. It certainly seems like you can find wooden floors in more contexts than you might have in the recent past. With the growing implementation of wooden floors worldwide, the demand for material consciousness is even greater. ?They?re much easier to maintain and are aesthetically more appealing. Caster wheels that work well on wooden floors can come in quite handy, while making maneuverability less stressful in eliminating markings and streaking. Let?s face it, if you?re making the investment to put down quality wooden floors, soft rubber-non-marking gray casters are the way to go to protect your investment. That?s why it?s imperative to use the right caster for the right application. ?Conceding on quality and material makeup is not recommended when considering the proper attributes that caster wheels can offer for usage on wooden surfaces.

Dependability on Wooden Floors

Dependability is so crucial when looking for caster wheels that are going to work on wooden floors. A quality manufacturer will usually indicate the surface types of applications and when considering wooden floors will especially note the exact spec selection for wooden surfaces. The reason for that is simple: you can?t afford to make a mistake, not even a short distance. You may think that your caster wheels are right for wooden floors, but if they cause a smudge or mark, then that?s it. Now you?re in the red for resurfacing and buffing. ?You need caster wheels that can do the job right from the first roll. That?s why, often, when folks ask us for a kind of caster wheel that will work on wooden floors, we tell them to check out our Mirage and Soft Rubber wheels. What makes these wheels so great for wooden floors is their composition. They?re specifically designed so as to not cause markings or streaks. This means that you can use them on anything you need caster wheels on for greater mobility without the risk of marking or streaking. These caster wheels can accommodate different kinds of decor as well. ?What makes our products unique is the assortment of color configurations and function with respect to rigid, swivel and locking casters. So, you can find one that fits your company?s brand. You can also find caster wheels that fit the color scheme that you have in your home or office, too.

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Quiet, Easy, Reliable

That?s exactly what our rubber caster wheels are. Regardless of the location, we all want objects to be moved quietly, easily, and reliably. ?Whether you?re going around a fast corner, cables, bumps, or uneven surfaces you can be rest assured that our light duty Mirage and Soft Rubber caster wheels will have you there with a smooth roll while maintaining the surface in great shape. ?You don?t need to be heard approaching from a distance or be fearful that the wheels will fail you before getting to where you are going. These safety attributes are just some of the criteria more people are looking for in their casters especially when considering wooden floors.

For example, most rubber wheels are specifically qualified for light duty applications. That means that they can handle certain weight thresholds. You don?t want to exceed that. If you do, then you may compromise the capabilities of the wheel and expose the surface or object to unnecessary damages. ?Consequently, there are stronger forms of rubber caster wheels that we offer. One such option is to get caster wheels that use a rubber tread around a cast iron core. This gives you the strength and durability of iron, but without the possibility of the iron touching your wooden floors. Soft and gentle on the outside, strong and powerful on the inside. That?s what these particular caster wheels can offer for you.

Endless Customization

We aim to offer many different kinds of caster wheel options and configurations. That being said, you?re sure to find one that specifically fits your situation. That?s where Icon Caster Wheels comes into play. With so many different sizes of wheel diameter, colors, selections of bearings, treads and more, these caster wheels are sure to be the perfect fitment in specs and application. ?These caster wheels also work with an enormous range of temperatures as well. We know that many of our customers live or work in environments where the daily minimum and daily maximum are quite far apart from each other. That?s why these caster wheels were designed to be effective anywhere from 180 degrees to negative 45 degrees. So, when the weather doesn?t cooperate with your plans, these caster wheels will.

Best Caster Wheels on Any Surface

The aforementioned covered what kinds of caster wheels you might be looking for in regards to wooden floors. We know that not all of our customers have wooden floors. That?s why we have so many different designs of caster wheels available. You can choose from the wheels above, or you can go to our site and see our complete collection of caster wheels and accessories. If you have more questions about the right caster wheels for your situation, just call us at (888) 726-0074.

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