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When Will You Need Swivel Caster Wheels Instead of Rigid Ones

October 18, 2019

Rigid casters are great for a variety of different situations and uses. They offer great control over smaller carts intended for lighter loads. Sometimes, however, you might need a little more versatility in whatever you are moving around. It?s in such cases that you should consider opting for swivel caster wheels instead. There are many ways in which these can help your overall use of casters in loading, moving, and transporting items and fulfilling the specific needs of your industry.

Steering and Direction

The main advantage of caster wheels that swivel, as opposed to stagnant ones, is that they offer a wider range of direction and an easier means of steering. This is particularly useful if the casters will be used in a place with tight hallways or a general lack of open space. Caster wheels that swivel allow for large pieces to be carried without extra space needed for steering or pivoting the vehicle. The swivel allows you to merely push the piece in the desired direction in order to stir it efficiently, which makes it an ideal tool for tight corridors and constricted space.

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Locking and Positioning

Some casters will come with a lock mechanism, but this option can be inconvenient to apply to certain pieces of furniture. While some can easily be implemented with your foot or by reaching underneath with your hand, this can prove hard to do depending on the piece the casters are attached to or the item that you are trying to lock down in place. A good way to achieve the same effect in a simple yet effective way is through caster wheels that swivel. Not only do they allow for more mobility in and of itself, but they can also be each turned in a way that keeps the piece to stay in place out of the mere inability to keep it going.

Ease in Positioning

You may have noticed that properly positioning heavy items laying on caster wheels is pretty hard if these don?t allow for swiveling. Making four stiff wheels rotate and turn around is not exactly an easy task, especially if there are added pressure and weight put on them. If you are trying to do it on carpeted or soft surfaces it?s going to be even worse. The solution is to opt instead for caster wheels that let you move around, rotate, and position the cart or item, making the whole process of moving the casters around a lot easier overall.

Swivel Caster Wheels

Whether you will end up needing rigid or swivelling caster wheels will ultimately be up to the specific demands of your workplace and your trade. While sometimes versatility and ease of movement are key, other times you will most likely need sturdiness and stability. Regardless of what you are specifically looking for, Icon Caster Wheels has the right caster wheels for you. We have a varied array of both rigid and swivelling caster wheels in all sorts of materials and designs in order to best fit your line of work.

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