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Polyurethane Industrial Caster Wheels: Stronger than you Think

October 7, 2019

Polyurethane wheels are some of the toughest wheels that we have here. However, we?ve found that some of our clients are surprised when we recommend Polyurethane industrial caster wheels. We?re often asked some version of: ?but, are they strong enough?? They?re some of the toughest wheels that we offer. Sure, they?re made of polyurethane, which might not seem like the toughest materials at first glance, but industrial clients of ours the world over how found how these caster wheels can help their business.?

Polyurethane Industrial Caster Wheels that can Bear the Load?

The load bearing capacity of these wheels is essentially off the charts. While it may seem unlikely, these wheels actually have a much higher load bearing capacity than a strong majority of rubber wheels. That means that you can use them in your industrial setting without worrying about them breaking down too soon. Safety is critical in an industrial environment, and one of the most inexpensive investments in safety that can pay the biggest dividends is making sure that your caster wheels have the kind of load bearing capacity your workers can count on day in, day out, month after month, year after year. Those are the kinds of polyurethane caster wheels we offer.?

polyurethane industrial caster wheels

Easier to Move?

At the end of the day, that?s one of the most important tests of any kind of caster wheel: does it make things easier to move? These polyurethane wheels can do that because they tend to be quite ?grippy,? for lack of a better word. A better phrase might be ?coefficient of friction.? With these wheels, your employees will find traction easy. Instead of having to exert seemingly superhuman force simple to move your caster wheels a small distance, you can use our polyurethane wheels to move your items how you want.?

Better for Workers, Better for Floors?

Industrial workplaces can be a lot of things, but they?re rarely quiet. Most industrial settings are noisy at their most silent. So, lowering the volume anyway you can is a great way to help your employees? health as well as their productivity. Polyurethane wheels tend to be among our quietest wheels. That means you can use them plenty without worrying that they?re going to make some big noise. Ease of use, with low amounts of noise: these are wheels that can help your employees in multiple ways.?

Caster Wheels that Last?

You don?t have to worry about polyurethane wheels corroding for a long period of time. They can last and last. Better still, they?re easy on your floors, too. You don?t have to worry about them making a big mess on your floor. That can help your industrial setting to not just be more productivity, but to look nicer, too. The right caster wheels can make your company more efficient, help your employees do their jobs, and so much more. If you aren?t sure which caster wheels are right for you, just give us a call at (888) 490-2969 and we?ll help you find the right ones.?

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