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Determining the Duty of the Iron Caster Wheels You Need

August 16, 2019

Not all iron caster wheels are created equal, and it is vital to keep that in mind when it comes to selecting the appropriate ones for your needs. This is not a matter of purchasing just any cart or any casters without considering the work these will be doing, particularly when it comes to the weight they are meant to carry. The environment and material of the caters is obviously important as well, but it is vital that you are well aware of just how much weight these casters will be supporting. The way to do so is to come up with an approximate estimate of what you think will be the weight of the largest loads carried and determine the necessary duty of the iron casters you will be needing. Let?s go over the main categories in order to be sure you are choosing the right ones.

Light Duty Iron Caster Wheels

Light duty casters should be used for smaller equipment. These have an estimated load capacity of a hundred pounds per caster, which means that they can allow smaller carts to move around a significant amount of weight. These are great casters for smaller businesses, such as those in the food service, book selling, and clothing retailing industries, for they allow you to transport a reasonable amount of weight. Although these iron casters are definitely not for industrial purposes, they are perfect for smaller settings that deal with lighter loads.

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Light-Medium Duty

When you are dealing with larger loads but still work far from an industrial setting, there is no real need for heavier duty casters. However, the light duty ones might not necessarily be enough for you. That?s when the light-medium duty casters come into play. These can support around two hundred pounds per caster, providing a heavier yet still manageable load capacity than that of the light duty casters. These are good to have around when you mostly deal with lighter loads but will occasionally have to move around somewhat heavier ones. They provide over twice the capacity of light duty casters, so you can be sure that you?ll be covered in such cases.

Medium-Heavy Duty

Medium-heavy duty casters are when we start to get in more of an industrial territory. These carry an estimated seven hundred pounds per caster, allowing for quite a lot of weight to be handled in a standard four-caster cart. While this isn?t the most capacity you?ll be able to find, it is a great way to allow for versatility in your line of work and being ready to handle stronger capacities than you would initially consider necessary.

Heavy Duty

At a thousand pounds per caster, heavy duty casters are used in industrial settings to provide as much support as the situation calls for. Rarely will you need to use stronger ones (in which case, extra heavy duty casters should be available), so these offer an unprecedented capacity

All Duty Casters Available

Icon Caster Wheels offers the widest variety of iron caster wheels you will find, always ensuring the best possible quality in every single one of our units. Regardless of the intended application of the casters and the weight they will be subjected to, we? have the right ones for you. Call us at (888) 490-2969 or browse through our website to make your order today!

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